Aaron Fryer


Moneybarn, a leading car and van finance company.


Moneybarn are a successful car and van finance company and their target market are people with not ideal credit history. They needed a website that would act as brochureware and as an application form. They decided they wanted to split the functionality into two seperate websites, one for brochureware and the send for the application form.

Start date: 20th June 2016

End date: End of October 2016

The project required:

  • A responsive website that works on all devices from desktops to mobiles.
  • A CMS so the client can add content.
  • A finance calculator that used their API in a secure manor
  • Integration with Dotmailer for contact form replies
  • A static build using the Bootstrap framework (additional project)

The Build

As part of the development team at Thinking Juice I worked on many aspects of this website from the front end templates to the CMS and backend functionality.

My role in this project initially was to assist the senior members of the team and help create templates. From there my responsibilities expanded after the foundations were complete and a large amount of the original templates were done.

As part of the initial build of flat templates we started componetising elements on the site such as menus, buttons, forms etc. This allowed our common elements to be reusable a cross the site.

Half way during the build the client required an additional build, external to the current builds that were ongoing. This would be a static build using Bootstrap instead of a custom CSS framework.

Near the end of the project we had to ensure we complied with their compliance team so I become more involved with Client Services and the Client themselves. We provided them with the fonts and the colours we used so the client can start creating new promotional material to reflect the design from the new website.

The final phase of the project was two - three weeks of testing. We used a product called "BugHerd" so the client can provide feedback and any bugs they found. This allowed us to focus on fixing bugs on the site. This stage involved a lot of discussion with the client over the products logging system, email and phone calls. Once we cracked the last few bugs, the site went live.


This client gave me one of the best pleasures I have ever had in my development career so far. The client knew who I was and personally thanked me and gave me a handshake.

This project made me grow as an individual and as a developer. Having to self manage my time and working with Client Services and the Client themselves to ensure we gave them a quality website.

Posted in Case Studies on Nov 20, 2016