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My thoughts and my experiences in and out of dev.

WordPress must use plugins

Must use plugins are plugins that can't be deactivated or updated in the CMS. They are a great way of "foolproofing" a website.

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Sending Form Data via AJAX

Ever wanted to send form data via AJAX? A great and easy way to do this is via FormData.

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My JavaScript Training Exercise

Yesterday I started a learning exercise to get better at JavaScript and jQuery, I ended up learning the basics of the new ES6 syntax.

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Hooking up your gravity form to dotmailer

This is part of a series of tutorials about things I have learnt on the job and that I feel are worth sharing back out to the community.

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Initial Thoughts on October

My initial thoughts on October CMS

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Migrating to October

Doing some good ol' TLC on Kshatriya

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Improvements to Kshatriya

Today I have made a number of improvements that I am quite proud off.

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Kshatriya: Conversations goes live!

I am pleased to announce that “Conversations” my new blog is now live!

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